Monday, October 15, 2007


Maybe I've played this a bit too much...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Audio from some recent code

[no-flash: mp3 here]
While I generally liked how my old code sounded, my last iteration of a sound engine had couple of problems. It wasn't nearly as "fat" sounding as I'd hoped, with a bit of too much noise. It'd still sound fine for lower sounds, but the high-end was never quite clear, and both the filter and the oscillators were quite dark and not very aggressive.

Well, I'll be throwing those oscillators away. The filter I might eventually fix. But I've been working with some new oscillators and a new filter, and this sample demonstrates what three triangle waves and a lowpass filter can sound. This is pure virtual analog, no wavetables or anything like that, everything is calculated realtime. Unfortunately, it IS quite heavy on the CPU as of now, so I'll have to see how to optimize it. Eventually that'll happen.

Oh, and I apologize that mp3-compression is somewhat audible.