Saturday, December 16, 2006

Firefox preference bugs

I just love some of these Firefox preference bugs. There's a setting in firefox called accessibility.typeaheadfind.timeoutenable. When set to false, it's purpose is to disable hiding the typeahead find bar. This supposedly stopped working properly after version 0.10 or something like that.

Now, there's another setting called accessibility.typeahead.timeout. You'd assume that if you set this to some large value, you'd essentially have your bar stay visible? Nope, doesn't seem to work. What seems to work though, is setting the a.t.timeout to value 0.

Now, the funny thing is I can easily find several sources that tell me that a.t.timeoutenable is broken, but don't see the workaround mentioned anywhere. I remember wondering (and solving) this for multiple times now, so I'll put it here for future reference.

I'm still using 1.5 series Firefox at home, but if I'm not mistaken the situation is identical in 2.0 series. At least I remember fighting with it after oh-so-wonderful centrally-administered computer-management thingie decided to give me 2.0 on another computer.

edit: I guess it's worth adding that yes, there's an open bug since years now, still in state New, so probably no use trying to report this.

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