Friday, December 15, 2006

New waves, new blog.

So anybody reading this is welcome to my new blog. The subject of this blog will be synthesized and processed sound. The name is partly a joke, but highlights the fact that I don't like overly clean sounds, even if I'm definitely not a noise lover either.

As for the blog I'll be at least exploring some of the sounds and processing tricks I encounter when I play with things. Some of the content will probably be in form of tutorials. Some will be naive exploration of stuff everybody else already knew. Hopefully some ideas will also be novel. At times I'm sure to comment on things having to nothing to do with music. And some posts will almost surely involve some code, for I am a programmer after all. Finally, I'll probably link to some of my music from time to time.

There's some other stuff too, but it's really a bit too early to go into details. Time will show what will come out of this.

As some people reading this might know, this ain't my first blog. The previous blog was called "Beyond the Parenthesis." The last post dates back around a year now. The reasons for it's decay are many, but probably the biggest issue was that the time taken to maintain a custom built publishing kludge was simply too much. My hobbies where also starting to drift away from it's focus a bit too much.

As for comments, feel free to give lots of them, but please keep discussions civil and at least somewhat in topic. :)

1 comment:

Arborescence said...

Well, it's surprising to see you going for something else than custom-built. Then again, you can customize this to your heart's content as well... Anyway, you're right, the trouble of updating anything else might just be bit too much. In fact, the trouble of updating anything at all is often a bit too much! ;)

I'll be in Finland tomorrow (but will probably go to my mum's for a couple of days), so I'll get back to you soon.