Friday, January 5, 2007

A little teaser..

So here's a small screenshot of a filter. It's still lacking text labels and I'm not quite sure about the color scheme, but it's using the vector graphics library thingie.

The library itself needs a bit of tweaking before anything using it goes live. Maybe I'll release the library itself as well at some point, I don't know yet.

I was a bit worried about the performance, since it seemed to slow stuff down when redrawing a lot. That could happen for example when another window was moved on top of the thing. What was a bit strange though, was this would typically only happen after a while...

I was already going to write some bitmap caching logic to avoid doing the actual drawing unless something really changed in the window. Then my eyes caught something missing: I was leaking resources in my painting routine. Single line of code to fix that bug. Now it runs pretty nice just redrawing everything on the fly.

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