Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Things change fast these days. I actually did get some more filter stuff prototyped, thought it wasn't quite up to the job, read some, fixed some, realized I need better oversampling filters, read some more, banged my head to the wall, and mm.. got the whole thing together, and it sounds okayish. I won't be posting sample at this time (that will have to wait), but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

On signal processing front, I'm now trying to figure out how to do hard-clipping without aliasing or huge amounts of oversampling. It turns out that some of the most fun sounds one can get from clipping is with rather loud partials in the high-mid frequency range, and if the sound is otherwise even "cleanish" one can only have tiny amounts of clipping before it starts sounding awful. Anyway, I have an approach in mind, though I won't be giving any details, since it's kinda high-tech stuff, and I wouldn't want somebody else to steal it, yet. ;)

Anyway, that brings us to another thing, which is that things might stall here again, at least on the signal processing front, if not on the music front. I'll try to keep the music alive even if the development stalls, but it kinda seems I might have some new things taking my time in the near future. We'll see. But what I can tell at this point, it does mean I won't be releasing a full-blown synth anytime soon like the plan kinda was. That'll have to wait for now. Depending on things, I might be splitting some of my work into smaller modules, and release those, but suffice to say, I don't have much pressure for it now.

Anyway, I'm still a happy man. Actually happier. I'm kinda feeling like I was 20 again, so much is happening right now, with things rolling in the right directions. Now all that is missing is finding a nice little girl yelling at me for spending the week in front of the screen and the weekend in a bar.

No honestly, I ain't an alcoholic or anything, even if during the last two weeks I've managed to have two hangovers. Neither was that bad though, more like those I had when I was around ... mm.. 20? Haha.


Lil' Wayra said...

Isn't there any other way to contact you? I found you from google. So, are you otherkin? I did understand you said so in forum at mikseri.net. I'm sorry if I contacted you in wrong place but I didn't find any other way.

mystran said...

Oops, I actually thought my email was visible in my profile, for I make no attempt to keep it private, instead relying on spam filtering to keep my inbox clean.

Problem fixed, email is now visible in profile, thought comments on blog are fine as well. :)

As for being otherkin? I don't recall claiming such a thing at mikseri.net or any other public forum for that matter...

lil' Wayra said...

Kiitoksia. Otin yhteyttä sähköpostiisi.