Sunday, September 2, 2007

What's going on?

Not much eh?

Well, stuff is going on, even if I've not posted much. I've been doing a couple of things, none of which have been very inspiring from the blogging point of view.

First of all, I've been working and spending time with friends quite a bit, which has been quite refreshing. It seemed certain stuff was very stalled, but now there's more going on around here again, and I'm enjoying all kinds of new experiences I've stumbled across. Could even say, I'm kinda regaining my interest in the so-called "real life" which is probably healthy.

Then there's being going on lots of making of music. Not much to release yet, I think. I'm thinking of building a larger set of material together first, then releasing some sort of EP maybe.. I don't know. But I'm also learning a lot of new stuff with music, things I've not really even been interested before, which is lots of fun, but the results aren't really that great yet, so it'll take a while before anyone else gets to enjoy. Maybe I'll talk about that in some later post, so we'll get a bit less inactivity here.

Then there's been some writing of code. Not much has resulted from that yet, since it's largely been of the research variety. I'm finally quite happy (that's probably an understatement) with my basic model of a saw-core analog oscillator, and I'm looking forward to prototype some wave-shaping to derive triangle and sine from that core in a somewhat similar way that a real analog oscillator module would do. I have the theory laid out already, so it's really just a matter of finishing some math and writing some code at this point. Then I've been doing some more extensive research with filters, unfortunately not quite as much as I'd liked to, though. Got some theory to prototype on that front as well.

Oh and then there's some other stuff, and plans that get delayed, and whatever. Hopefully things will advance in the near future again.

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Tuomas said...

Cool, congrats on getting 'a life'. ;) I need one as well - my social life here in Britain is pretty dead compared to the couple of weeks I spent in Finland. Anyway, good to hear that more music is coming up.